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Dare to do the challenge My management is exemplary

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concerned employees


km in alternative modes*


hours of traffic jams avoided*


* Results of the 2017 challenge.


Participating in the first year was obvious to us


MAGALI VIANO - Director of Human Resources

Amadeus is the world's leading supplier of IT solutions for the travel industry. It is a civic-minded and multicultural company.
Our Nice, Sophia Antipolis site is the group's largest R&D and product marketing centre. We have 4,200 people from 80 nationalities working there.
Our corporate responsibility programme includes a section on the environment and mobility, so it was perfectly logical for us to take part in the Mobility Challenge from year one.
We have many outlying buildings at Sophia Antipolis and this encouraged us to optimise and facilitate our employees movements between premises. One of the first things we did was to use shuttle buses to go to our company restaurant at lunchtimes and this helped reduce our environmental footprint. Up to now, we haven't managed to win a prize for companies with more than 500 employees, but the number of staff taking part is rising every year.
This year, as always, we remain fully committed to the Challenge Day, to test out new forms of transport for lasting use.

It's a real challenge for our employees


MCAROLE DAVIS-VIMONT - Director of Human Resources

Oticon Médical designs, manufactures and sells cochlear implants to restore the hearing of children suffering from congenital deafness. It also caters for adults with significant sensorineural hearing loss.
We employ more than 250 staff at our French clinic, based in Vallauris (Chemin Saint Bernard), where we've been since 1990. Our location just outside the technology park makes it a real challenge for our employees and our company as an employer, to find alternatives to each person using their own car. Indeed, the public transport network is limited, while cycling or walking is off-putting as the access from Antibes or Sophia uses a main road designed solely for vehicles (D35 Route de Grasse.
Despite these difficulties, we are proud of our achievements in last year's Mobility Challenge, but it doesn't stop there as some of our staff use alternative means of transport every day! The 2019 Mobility Challenge was the 2nd time we took part and our staff take-up rate was 22% compared to 3% in 2017.
These results show us that our staff are committed, united and up for the Challenge to deal with mobility issues. We set up arrangements to work from home in January 2019, to improve working conditions for our staff. We also cut the carbon footprint of our business and freed-up traffic in Sophia Antipolis. Our goal for the 2019 Challenge is to get even more staff involved and to make it a really fun and friendly event!"

It is unique moment in the year


Christophe FREY - CEO ARM France

Arm’s Culture focuses on collaboration, passion for progress and innovation. Arm is engaged in sustainable development through the 2030vision program to contribute in the United Nations sustainable development global goals. In addition the company brings together an internal team of volunteers: 'teamArm' in the areas of health, the local community, education and environment. In this context teamArm organizes and animates our participation in the mobility of Sophia challenge every year. It is unique moment in the year that allows to showcase all alternate forms of mobility to cars, get people to think and increase motivation for more environmentally friendly mobility. More than 20% of our employees participate every year and with our future move to a brand new site early 2020, where we are investing in a wide range of mobility solutions, I hope we will win the challenge in the next few years.