There are a growing number of initiatives urging users to change their behaviour in terms of mobility-related social, economic, health and environmental issues.

Mobility Challenges address these current concerns about getting around.

For the last 9 years, the ADEME has been supporting major urban areas in France to organise Mobility Challenges.
These are promotional and awareness-raising tools for companies to encourage their employees to try other ways of going to work than everyone driving their own cars (public transport, car- sharing, cycling, walking, etc). . New working arrangements like working for home are also highlighted to avoid commuting.
All good practice in terms of mobility instigated by employees or organisations are promoted.
Mobility Challenges help drive a collective change process by involving and bringing together employees in a friendly and fun way to make a long-term commitment.
Any organisation can take part, whether public, private, academic, or community/non-profit.

Mobility Challenges also foster, promote and boost travel initiatives, such as mobility plans.

The ADEME, together with Sophia Club Entreprises, Sophia Antipolis Urban Community Authority and Nice Côte d’Azur CCI, has been involved in the Sophia Antipolis Inter-Company Mobility Plan (PDIE) since 2008. The aim is to promote a new more principled stance on mobility, more in sync with the major challenges we now face such as climate change, health and the environment. This new concept must also be economically sound and increase the appeal of the local area.
Together with its local partners, the ADEME has been driving force behind the Sophia Antipolis Mobility Challenge since 2016.

So, on 17 September 2020, take up the Sophia Antipolis Mobility Challenge and bus, bike, walk or car-share your way to work, or work from home!