Sophia Club Entreprises

Sophia Club Entreprises brings together the various organisations based at Sophia Antipolis to develop a shared vision to address the key challenges of land-use, and economic development at the technology park, but also to encourage social interaction, communication and shared services on a daily basis. Sophia Club Entreprises' activities help foster a long-term joint strategy and the introduction of extremely practical initiatives.

"Mobility is a key factor in the appeal and efficiency for local businesses and it is vital that we address this issue. For the third year running, the ADEME and Sophia Club Entreprises, in conjunction with the Sophia Antipolis Urban Community Authority, are organising the Sophia Antipolis Mobility Challenge on 17 September 2020.

This is the day when we urge all employees in our organisations to try other forms of transport rather than driving to work in alone their cars. Sophia Club Entreprises is committed to behavioural change by providing all workers with a range of mobility solutions. Fewer cars means less atmospheric pollution and a better quality of life!

The resounding success (more than 2,000 participants) of the last three years and the growing number of organisations and staff taking part has spurred on the organisers to sustain their efforts. The Mobility Challenge addresses current concerns about how we get around.

so this year, car-sharing, public transport and cycling will be widely promoted, building on the work of other local partners.

So, join in the Mobility Challenge on 17 September and let's make this day an example of how to get to work seamlessly and stress-free!"

Frédéric André, Chair of Sophia Club Entreprises

Sophia Club Entreprises is a socially-responsible organisation and has supported the Inter-Company Mobility Plan (PDIE) since 2008 to provide pragmatic solutions for better mobility which underpins the appeal of the local area. The efforts of the Club and its members provides avenues for improvement for the benefit of everyone working at the technology park.

The Inter-Company Mobility Plan (PDIE) is an over-arching initiative to optimise business-related trips involving private companies, local authorities, mobility organisation bodies, employees, customers and suppliers in a sustainable development concept for business parks.

The PDIE for Sophie Antipolis features several key players making a major contribution to its success. These include the ADEME, Sophia Antipolis Urban Community Authority and Nice Côte d’Azur CCI.

PDIE objectives:

To help workers and other users (visitors, clients and suppliers) change their behaviour in the way they travel for work, by providing them with more economical and environmentally-friendly solutions.

Work areas: