Organisation guidelines

Why a Mobility Challenge?

Aim: To reduce the environmental footprints and dangers of travelling by car when commuting.
The Mobility Challenge is the chance for organisations wanting to get involved in a sustainable development initiative, to:

  • encourage employees who regularly drive alone to work to use an alternative form of transport at least once a year.
  • tell employees about other options to commute to work.
  • assess employee behaviour when travelling to work and subsequently gauge the results of a Mobility Plan (travel plan, company and inter-company mobility plans, administrative travel plans, etc.).

Who is it for?

All public, private or community/non-profit organisations based at Sophie Antipolis, whatever their size. If an organisation has several sites, it can enter them together or separately. All employees, on temporary or permanent contracts, working on 17 September 2020, can take part, as well as students studying at the academic institutions on-site.

How does the challenge work?

Each organisation registers on the website,

Participant organisations get their employees to take part using the media tools provided by the Challenge organisers that can be downloaded from the website.

On 17 September 2020, each organisation counts the number of employees arriving at work who used public transport, shared a car, cycled or walked, or a combination of the above.

Organisations can also hold various activities, such as a meet-and-greet on arrival, an information booth or demonstrations, etc.

Each organisation uploads its results to the website

and the winners are presented with their awards at a ceremony in early October 2020.

How do you win?

The aim is to get your staff involved. Those organisations with the highest take-up rates win (employees coming to work using alternative forms of transport/employees present on Challenge day).

In the event of a tie, modal shifts are taken into account.

This gives a chance to entrants that don't usually have many 'alternative' transport users but which manage to persuade their staff to other travel options for the event.

What is the prize?

Several trophies are awarded to those organisations that manage to involve the highest number of employees. After the Challenge, an official awards ceremony will be held in October 2020.

Who do I contact?

Your local contacts:
Sophia Club Entreprises : Chloé SATTEZZI -
ADEME : Séverine BOULARD -

How does it work?

The Mobility Challenge is a joint initiative by the ADEME and Sophia Club Entreprises, in conjunction with the Sophia Antipolis Urban Community Authority. It offers organisations concerned about environmental issues the chance to organise a day-long, fun challenge on the subject of mobility with their staff.

Event date:

The Sophia Antipolis Mobility Challenge takes place on 17 September 2020.


To get as many staff to use an alternative to their own cars for one day.

How does it work?

Make sure your organisation is registered:
Each company, association or administration has a contact person tasked with distributing information and gathering the results of the day. You must then contact them to find out about how you take part in your own organisation. Most of the time, it is a manager, the HR team, QSE unit or perhaps your Mobility Plan advisor (travel plan, company and inter-company mobility plans, administrative travel plan, etc.).
If your organisation is not registered, contact the persons mentioned above. If no one wants to do it, why not do it yourself?

Talk to your colleagues:

The Challenge is a collective one so you must encourage your colleagues at coffee-breaks, at lunch or by e-mail, etc. You can also send them a link to the website

On 17 September 2020, you go to work trying something different:

On Challenge day, leave your car at home and try walking, cycling, take a bus or train, or car-share. Then record your commute on the website or send details to your contact person who gathers all the data for the Mobility Challenge in your organisation.

Share the experience:

The day is meant to be a fun and friendly experience, so why not talk to your Challenge contact person and organise an activity for your colleagues, such as a breakfast when people arrive or a picnic, etc.?