What's it all about?

The Sophia Antipolis Mobility Challenge is a joint ADEME and Sophia Club Entreprises initiative, that began in 2016.

It takes place at Sophia Antipolis Technology Park during European Mobility Week. Every year, since 2016, the Challenge asks companies to organise a collective in-house mobility challenge for one day.

The Challenge is an effective way of promoting and informing people about transport alternatives to personal cars to suit all businesses, administrations or associations. So, on Challenge Day, everyone leaves their own cars at home and instead walks, cycles, takes public transport or car-shares for their journey to work.

This 'ready-to-roll' event helps companies boost, promote and even pep-up their travel initiatives (e.g. mobility plans).

It helps get staff involved and brings people together, while supporting the local economy. It's also recreational and fun way to promote public transport and all the safer, cheaper and cleaner ways of getting around. Today or every day!