Dare to do the challenge

This year, Sophia Antipolis is offering new challenges to participants. They are intended for anybody who wants to go even further in the challenge organisation within their company, the ones who look for new animation ideas, or even the beginners who want to give it a shot. Originality and good mood serving eco-mobility.

Cleaning up the place

Among the challenges of mobility, carpooling is in main position. The savings made by sharing a vehicle and the user-friendliness of this practice are often the first benefits highlighted. But carpooling is also an answer to much broader issues such as urban congestion, the car's impact on public space and, of course, the environmental impact of the solo driver.

Carpooling is also about doing something for the planet, acting for the environment and living well together. In Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, tens of thousands of employees share a vehicle every day, in complete anonymity, and free up space for their fellow citizens. Without any consideration, they contribute to making our air more breathable. So it is time to reveal their heroic and brave commitment.

Highlight the superheroes in your establishment, and for the first time, invite them to come to work in their bright clothes. Perhaps this initiative will allow others to discover an unsuspected vocation.

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Carpooling Heroes

Mobility is also a question of exemplarity. In order to convince all employees to leave their car behind, what could better than a manager who play the game? So, to give it a shot on June 6th, or for every day, will they take up the challenge?

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